Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Nadia Pazos

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Nadia Pazos

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney

Nadia Pazos

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Nadia Pazos affirms, a divorce can end up like watching the building blocks crumble beneath you. Divorce effects your geographical area, your children as well as your financial life. Just one Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney in Broward County, Nadia Pazos can help you through these trying circumstances. Many kinds of factors can impact your specific case, like the following:

Whether you have a post-nup or pre-nup contract
How long you’ve been married
The health and mental state of both spouses
Temporary Alimony, everlasting Alimony, duration, bridge-the-gap and rehabilitative
Valuation of property, including your main residence, business and investments.
Each spouses income and earning potential
Equitable distribution of debts and assets
Child custody and Support

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Nadia Pazos Protecting Your Interests

If you’re looking for a divorce attorney in Weston to represent you, Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Nadia Pazos Family Law can help. With solely a focus on family law, Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Nadia Pazos is experienced to handle complicated family matters that encircle a divorce, like the following:

Infant/Child custody, visitation and relocation
Modifications to Child Support
Spousal alimony or support
Paternity rights

With a uncontested divorce, when all agreements and issues can be reached, Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Nadia Pazos strongly suggests out-of-court settlements instead of a contested court trial in which a court imposes a binding decision that impacts the family. In mediation, out of courtroom settlements, controlling the results is the main focus.

Division and Valuation of Marital Assets

Divorce and inheritance
Divorce and debts
Retirement divorce and assets

Understanding advantages of Out-of-Court Settlements

In Florida, when emotional conflicts don’t allow the settlement of issues, mediation is than required. During mediation, Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Nadia Pazos will arrange for a natural party to help mediator the two parties reach a mutually agreement in their settlement. Mediation takes place with both parties and attorneys in attendance. Even in some hotly contested divorces, nearly all parties settle out-of-court through mediation. For individuals who must go through the courtroom to settle, recognize that litigation can be a big financial reduction. If emotions prevent an acceptable settlement, the legal costs start mounting up. And a trial is required to settle the divorce.

South Florida Collaborative Attorney

Divorces can come with drama and conflict between the spouses who wind up battling it out in court over unnecessarily issues sometimes. When children are in the mix, the fighting effects them deeply and becomes problematic for parents to co-parent their children. The kids can suffer undesirable emotions and psychological results that can last into adulthood and their relationships also.

A Collaborative family lawyer working for you

Collaborative divorce is quickly becoming the divorce of the 21st century. It is a means for divorcing individuals to resolve their disputes respectfully with no help from a judge. Collaborative divorce, is sort of resolving disputes peacefully between couples, that may lead to resolve rifts between business associates or lenders and their borrowers. In cases of divorce, collaborative rules works in this fashion:

Each spouse retains a collaborative divorce attorney in representing them.
The couples consent to communicating free and open information.
The couples consent to handle indifference, such as alimony and child support, with visitational rights in an acceptable manner.
The collaborating attorneys to withdraw from the case if the divorce goes to court.

Collaborative Attorney in Weston Broward County

The couple could also hire experts to advise them, like the following:

Financial planners
Child psychologists
Tax CPAs and accountants
Mental medical researchers or therapists

If either couple backs out of discussions, they need to choose new attorneys and begin over in divorce courtroom. That is because collaborative divorce provides incentives to obtain a mutually settlement. The incentive isn’t just for the couples but also for the lawyers as well. The lawyers cannot simply threaten to take the case to court if they don’t get what they are arguing over. The lawyer is sensitized to keeping the couple out of the courtroom, therefore reducing associated courtroom cost, or the collaborative lawyer must withdraw. This lawfully binding contract only gets into the courts when the paperwork is finalized. And the agreement between co-parents, their children, and extended family tend to be maintained beyond the divorce. At Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Nadia Pazos, provides collaborative divorce services as well as divorce mediation. Mediation is facilitated by an impartial divorce mediator who recognizes the main issues to be solved and leads discussions towards a good out of court agreement.

From her Weston, Florida office, Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Nadia Pazos represents clients who have marital and family issues throughout Broward County. While Attorney Pazos strongly encourages mediation and collaborative divorce, Lawyer Pazos will represent you in the courtroom if that is what must be done to regain your livelihood.
Please contact Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Nadia Pazos at (954) 449-8719 today to schedule your confidential, preliminary consultation.

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