Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Moraitis & Raimondi

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Moraitis & Raimondi

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys

Moraitis & Raimondi

At Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Moraitis & Raimondi, LLP, our extended encounter serving clients with family legislation issues has given us a powerful awareness of what individuals tend to be searching for in a attorney.

Most clearly, individuals want a sense that their attorney can easily resolve the issue at hand. Especially with cases regarding high net value or complicated legal issues, individuals desire an attorney who can manage their legal affairs with attention plus being diligent at every phase of the procedure.

Advice and Advocacy for Divorce and Family legislation Issues

Using generations of knowledge the Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Moraitis & Raimondi has focused on divorce and family law concerns, our comprehensive knowledge of the legal, practical, monetary as well as psychological ramifications of a given circumstances can represent an significant advantage for the clientele we serve. Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Moraitis & Raimondi are devoted to aiding you finalize any problem you face and to providing you with the help you require for the duration of your case.

Particularly in an extreme and difficult situation such as divorce or a guardianship dispute, individuals want a sense of connection with his or her lawyer. Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Moraitis & Raimondi will make certain our clientele know that we comprehend the specific difficulties they’re experiencing just as well as we recognize the legitimate guidelines that will determine their choices.

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Moraitis & Raimondi will not neglect the psychological aspects of divorce proceedings, and we support them to help people formulate a perspective upon his or her situation. Training individuals for life immediately after divorce is actually a big function of our work. From knowledge, we recognize that individuals accomplish the very best results when tension and stress are not fogging their decision.

At Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Moraitis & Raimondi, LLP, we do not lose vision concerning the human proportions regarding the circumstances we manage. To understand just how our client-focused method combines with our knowledge and legal experience to the advantages of the individuals we serve.

Fears Facing Florida Divorcing Couples

Once a couple chooses to get married, they think about the lifetime that they are heading out to create with each other. They discuss about their points which they have in common or even their aspirations which they reveal. They may possibly talk about where they wish to live or exactly how many kids they might want to have.

Nonetheless, countless couples never consider what would take place if their relationship did not work out.. Once their relationship begins to fall apart, their soon-to-be ex-spouses recognize many of the possibly difficult decisions which will need to be done. Many couples might determine that divorce is actually the best alternative for their specific situation, and bring procedures to start the process.

Anytime a Florida couple chooses to have a divorce, generally there are many issues which need to be evaluated, including guardianship of the children, property separation and residency concerning the parties. Each of these concerns might need to be settled at the time period of the divorce proceedings to guarantee that issues will not develop in the future.

Will There Be a Dispute in Your Divorce?

Often, emotions run high during the course of the divorce proceedings. Spouses might be battling one another and not really driven on finding a means towards resolving their differences. When the couple is incapable of working out an arrangement on child guardianship or property separation, the judge will be placed in determining just what will take place, especially in complicated divorce cases. This conclusion might leave both parties angry, and may just add to their psychological toll that people going thru a divorce frequently encounter.

Alternative Dispute Solution in Florida Family Law Disputes

When you are not able to work out the disputed divorce law problem thru dialogue, you may likely need to send it to mediator before a Broward County judge can schedule a hearing regarding the situation.

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Moraitis & Raimondi assists clients getting the maximum out of mediation on issues regarding property separation, alimony, and child support.

Just How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

The function of mediation is not really towards forcing anyone into an arrangement that you can not live with, and neither will it proclaim a winner or a loser regarding a contested problem. Rather, it is a facilitated dialogue procedure with a skilled mediator whom assists the parties outline their problems, recognize distinct points of agreement and discrepancy, and maintain the conversation focused upon finding a collectively acceptable solution to the problem that may otherwise go to court.

We show clientele just how mediation might help them maintain control to their divorce proceedings and move toward possibilities that are usually beyond the influence of the judge to permit. Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Moraitis & Raimondi help their clients comprehend the distinction between primary goals and additional goals, so that a agreement upon one thing which isn’t actually significant can easily open the doorway towards a crucial gain.

Upon easier problems, Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Moraitis & Raimondi work using a state licensed mediator coming from the court panel. Upon more complicated issues that include large investment property separation issues, we commonly work using a more advanced professional mediator. Whichever way, we will make certain you are completely prepared and ready to take advantage of the opportunity towards settling your divorce by using mediation.

With over 30 years of divorce law knowledge in Florida, Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Moraitis & Raimondi also assists as the third party neutral when private family mediation, particularly upon complicated asset submission problems or high conflict time sharing disagreements.

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