Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Jennifer Kane Waterway

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Jennifer Kane Waterway

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer

Jennifer Kane Waterway

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Jennifer Kane Waterway concentrates her practice on marital and family legislation and related litigation. She deals with an array of issues including dissolution of relationship, alimony, child support, distribution of property and personal debt, parenting timesharing and plans, child relocation, paternity, dependency instances, domestic assault and related injunctions, postnuptial and prenuptial agreements, and post-judgment changes, contempt, and enforcement, amongst others. Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Jennifer Kane Waterway also acts as a guardian ad litem and lawyer ad litem for children in need.

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Jennifer Kane Waterway has considerable litigation experience, particularly handling family regulation issues. She worked well at a well-known Boca Raton lawyer for quite some time before starting her own practice where she centered on family rules and represented clients in what-ever phases of proceedings, including appeals and trials. Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Jennifer Kane Waterway participates in many organizations and regularly acts on committees, particularly those linked with The Florida Bar, Family Legislation Section, and the Broward Region Bar Association.

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Jennifer Kane Waterway started her profession litigating in South Florida’s top law companies including Akerman Senterfitt representing advanced corporate and business clients in product responsibility, mass tort, and commercial issues in condition and federal government courts in the united states. Her clients included manufacturers and marketers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, building equipment, luxury yachts, and other high-profile products, providing her with aggressive and intensive litigation and courtroom experience. Prior to employed in the private sector, Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Jennifer Kane Waterway offered as a judicial legislation clerk at the 4th District Courtroom of appeals in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she dealt with civil, legal, marital and family regulation appeals.

The Fort Lauderdale family and marital law practice at Jennifer Kane Waterway, P.A. includes counseling and representing men and women in divorce additionally relevant issues. We manage and deal with all problems in the divorce, delivering strong support both inside and outside the court as required.

Florida Divorce Procedure

One spouse must be considered a citizen of Florida for a minimum half a year prior to your Florida divorce procedure being initiated. The process for a divorce, recognized as the dissolution of relationship, begins with submitting a application with the courtroom in the region of home of either husband or wife. Just like the majority of states, Florida identifies the idea of “no-fault” divorce. It isn’t essential for one partner to prove that the other partner was adulterous or do something amiss. If it could be displayed that the relationship is irretrievably damaged, the court will likely give the divorce.

Furthermore to dissolving the relationship, the divorce courtroom could make a number of home relations requests, such as demanding one partner to offer alimony towards their spouse. If children are involved, the courtroom can make a decision of parenting and child support. An additional concern to be decided with your divorce are the split of matrimonial property and financial obligations. If the spouses are not able to acknowledge these issues on their own, the courts might consider carrying out the settlement in court.

Dividing Marital Property under the Florida Law

Within a Florida divorce, the court can make an fair submission of the couples wealth and financial obligation. Marital resources consist of all the real property that was obtained during the relationship, whether or not the investment was obtained collectively or separately. There are a few exclusions, like as when one partner obtains a inheritance or a present specifically called-out towards that spouse independently.

Financial debt obtained through your marriage tend to be considered marital financial obligation just as well and are also at the mercy of the fair submission in a divorce courtroom. The judge doesn’t have to separate all possessions and debt similarly between the parties, the submission just needs to be fair, or reasonable. The court will look at a wide selection of elements at determining what will be a reasonable property division, including:

How many years the marriage lasted
Just how much each spouse contributed economically through the relationship
Amount of contributions each brought into the household
Whether one partner paid the others profession or education classes

If a child resides in the family, the courtroom’s decision of parenting guidelines and timesharing could impact propriety assessment as well. Should the courts believe the children must maintain to reside in their family house as their main residency, the parent being primary caretaker of the children also might become granted the home within the property arrangement.

Help from a South Florida Divorce Lawyer

Provided the judge’s significant discretion at just how to divide the assets, it is vital to become represented with a educated and knowledgeable attorney who will make an effort to securing your well being. It’s important that assets be found, correctly recognized as married or individual assets, and valued accurately. Your value of specific property, such as commodity in a company, could be complex and demand the experience of experts. Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Jennifer Kane Waterway has comprehensive experience managing divorce and dealing with specialists to fit the bill.
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