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When you are evaluating Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyers to handle your case and the unique elements of your case, you have to ensure yourself the firm as well as your lawyer will be the right fit in your situation. Most people are rarely ready for every aspect involved with the divorce or other divorce matter…from the emotional upheaval for the legal complexities to the monetary burden, divorce is really a complicated and taxing situation. For this reason choosing a firm that possesses each of the resources essential to enable you to understand the most crucial decision you’ll make along the way.

Numerous firms process divorces in South Florida and, certainly the attorneys within these firms, generally, understand the law. Locating the law office and attorney who’s best for you isn’t as easy. Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyers at Cindy S. Vova has 29 years of legal knowledge guiding her, but she also realizes that each client and family members are unique as well as the firm’s services are customized for your specific situation…we don’t employ a cookie cutter strategy. Instead, we have a holistic procedure for your family all together. The tiny issues that start at the outset of a family divorce continue to broaden a long time after the lawyers have left.

Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

It really is with this knowledge of the entire person and also the entire circumstance that our firm hears what you truly want, so we use our personal and professional skills to help direct you towards the finish with what you may need. Each of our attorneys present practical advice that will help you in your goals. This all is done within the most expeditious and cost efficient manner available. Bearing this in mind, we’re firmly devoted to keeping you advised and up-to-date, and that’s why your messages or calls are immediately returned, that your emails have been answered and all elements of your case are fully defined in plain English.

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyers at Cindy S. Vova viewpoint is always to educate our clients, and that we believe really the only silly question is usually the one not asked. Even though we always mean to help our clients attain a friendly resolution by way of settlement, we approach every case having a firm commitment to utilize all of our expertise and skills to offer the very best outcome in your case, and if this means taking your divorce to trial, then we are ready, able and skilled to produce dynamic, assertive and efficient representation in trial.
Whenever a couple determines their marriage is at a conclusion, and divorce may be the only alternative, then the interests of each party are served when each selects experienced attorneys who are able to sift through the problems and help craft a reasonable and equitable settlement agreement.
There are numerous kinds of divorces including short-term marriages without children and limited assets to long-term marriages regarding not just children, but complex problems with determining the cost of real property, corporations, retirement benefits, investment accounts along with other intangible assets in addition to attendant liabilities.
Within a straightforward, uncontested divorce, where both sides know about all assets and liabilities, and fundamentally accept the division of property and neither alimony nor child support is a problem, our firm usually can assist a client in receiving a relatively fast and affordable divorce. Even when children are engaged and valuation of assets is not needed, Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyers at Cindy S. Vova in many cases are able to rapidly bring the situation to mediation and negotiate a reasonable and equitable settlement.

When however, your divorce is a lot more complicated, Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyers at Cindy S. Vova is every bit adept in handling these matters. Complicated cases develop where one spouse is much more combative, and/or in which the couples are high value individuals and you will find substantial liabilities and assets requiring valuation. Typically these cases also demand a resolution of whether or what percentage of assets is marital and non-marital. Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyers at Cindy S. Vova works together with a network of highly trained experts who supply expertise in every area of your divorce.


While child support is founded on distinct guidelines established by Florida law, alimony funds continue to be less predictable. From its basis, alimony is founded on the necessity of one spouse to received support as well as the capability of the other spouse to pay for support. Each factors are essential. One of the many other factors the courts look into awarding alimony would be the length of the marriage and also the ability with the spouse seeking alimony being or become self supporting.

Florida at present recognizes 6 separate forms of alimony: temporary, bridge-the-gap, durational, rehabilitative, permanent periodic and lump sum. Any type of alimony that could affect a case depends upon a number of factors which may be exclusive with a specific case. Sometimes, a court may merit multiple types of alimony. A few judges look at the “lifestyle” of the couples, while others discount it. The amount of time and the circumstances for termination of a given form of alimony also differs case-to-case. Particular sorts of alimony are taxable for the recipient and tax deductible for the payer. To incorporate all the more into the mix, two judges hearing the identical case might award unique levels of alimony.
Lately, special interest groups have got intensely lobbied the Florida legislature for substantial reforms. Even though last year’s legislature authorized abolishing permanent alimony and introducing a number of other radical changes, these bills had been vetoed from the Governor in the last minute. Without doubt, reform procedures will continue to be brought to the legislature, and, almost certainly changes will occur. With all of this volatility, it is important to have experienced attorneys who are able to explain the current status of alimony awards in Florida and who are able to counsel you how these influence on your specific case.

Child Support

For those who have children under 18, regardless if you are involved with a divorce or even a paternity action, child support is, with rare exclusion, a fact in the divorce. Florida law demands a resolution of child support when parents will not be residing together, along with the legally dictated guidelines generally require one party to pay the other party a quantity determined under Florida Statutes.

Child support is determined depending on the net incomes of both parties. Any time a parent may possess a business, resolution of actual income becomes less apparent. Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyers at Cindy S. Vova provides the resources to uncover hidden income making sure that a just and appropriate child support calculation is produced. Additional, if an individual parent is unemployed the judge might impute income to that particular parent, so we provide guidance for the court, depending on the unemployed party’s track record, to try and acquire a fair support number.
Together with identifying the net income with the parties, the volume of overnight sleep-overs each parent receives by the children also impacts on the volume of child support. Previously the legislature established that when the paying parent has more than 20 percent from the overnights with the children, or 73 overnights per year, child support ought to be altered to take into consideration the paying parent’s expenditures sustained when that parent has the children.

Some other factors affecting child support involve child care costs, medical insurance costs in addition to out-of-pocket medical bills.

Conflicts often occur with regards to additional expenses not especially addressed by the guidelines for example extracurricular activities, private schooling and summer time camps. Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyers at Cindy S. Vova works to negotiate fair alternatives, bearing in mind the cost-effective limitations of a now two-household family and handling those with the very best interests for the children.

The Law Office of Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyers at Cindy S. Vova handles every aspect of child support, whether or not in a divorce suit, paternity motion or customization proceedings. Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyers at Cindy S. Vova reliable and dependable reputations established together with the courts and clients make certain that we take your challenges and help produce solutions.

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