Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William R. Moore

Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William R. Moore

Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer

William R. Moore


Fort Lauderdale DUI Defense

Hello, I’m Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William R. Moore. I grow up here in Broward County and went to High School just down the street. I attended law school in Broward County as well and graduated top in my class. Spending my entire life and career here practicing only criminal law for the past 20 years. During the 90’s I worked for the counties state attorneys office prosecuting criminals.

Serving as a criminal correspondent to major magazines such as US and People giving insight to highly publicized cases such as the recent Casey Anthony prosecution. My cilinetel ranges from Hollywoods superstars to defendants that have made the evening news or that have been publicized in the Associated Press. As a Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer my work as an authored and lectured on tactical issues and trial strategies has been herd and published over a thousand times. You can read hundreds of my lectures just by accessing our website.

During the course of my profession, Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William R. Moore has safeguarded the privileges and freedom of hundreds of individuals criminally charged and personally taken to trial many hundreds of these cases in front of a jury. Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William R. Moore is extremely pleased of his criminal case background and trial results. Virtually all of which is accessible for your evaluation or anybody else’s

DUI Defense

Speaking with counsel whom is a past DUI Unit Prosecutor as well as has educated State Attorneys and DUI Task Force Researchers on data collecting technique and trial tactics. Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William R. Moore has concentrated his complete legal profession on this specific criminal offense in the attempt to enhance upon the fine art in this unique region of defense.

Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer

Centered on our knowledge, Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William R. Moore has discovered that individuals charged for the actual very first time for DUI feel a sense of lost with respect to the confusing complex rules associated with the DMV as well as the Florida Legal Process. Each of our clients are provided supplies following each of our initial meetings in order to assist educate all of them about this considerably imposing charge. When you are searching for a excellent spot to commence, we suggest that you evaluate our content about DUI Practice and Process. As soon as you acquire the fundamentals down, you might wish to analyze the more particular areas of DUI protection published by our Law firm.

A DUI is generally regarded as a misdemeanor criminal offense inside Florida; nevertheless, it may additionally turn out to be a felony criminal offense under aggravating conditions. Your aggravating elements could end up being prior history of Drunk driving prosecutions, or destruction brought on to property as well as life while driving under the influence. DUI Lawyers protecting these types of cases that are knowledgeable in the particular skill understand that DUI’s together with elevated penalties involve a diverse strategic strategy points out Lawyer William Moore.

Penalties For Multiple Offenses

In the event that a individual is found guilty of 3rd degree felony DUI, this is actually punishable along with upwards to 5 years of imprisonment, 5 years probation, upwards to $5,thousand in fees, upward to life-time driver’s license suspension or perhaps revocation, motor vehicle impoundment, required alcohol counselling, local community services, probation, Driving under the influence education courses, as well as any mixture of just about all these fees and penalties as the judge may view fit.
If it’s a second-degree felony DUI sentence, the individual may possibly be dealing with a prison term regarding upwards to Fifteen years, and penalties regarding up to $10,thousand.

In the event that the individual will be convicted with regard to first-degree felony Drunk driving, in that case maximum imprisonment time can be Thirty years or even a life sentence, as well as upwards to $10,thousand penalties. Aside from the actual extended imprisonment sentences as well as hefty penalties, a felony criminal offense will certainly result in a permanent felony record which can significantly impact career possibilities, particular civil legal rights as well as all round long term daily life.Speak with Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William R. Moore through our law firm to avoid your own lifestyle from spinning out of control.

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