Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer Kelley A. Joseph

Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer Kelley A. Joseph

Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer

Kelley A. Joseph


16 years after making junior partner at her former firm, Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer Kelley A. Joseph made a decision to follow her desire and open up Family Offices of Kelley A. Joseph.

Her law firm symbolizes her dedication to offering her clients the perfect service through the often tumultuous connection with divorce. Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer Kelley A. Joseph

Is a practicing divorce attorney since 1994
Focusing specifically towards issues of family legislation and divorce
Has sufficient support staff to aid with every customer need
A Supreme Court appointed Family Court Mediator since 2011
Is qualified by the Supreme Court
involved with children such as the autism spectrum
Has her own child in the autism spectrum
A Gold fundraiser for Autism Speaks and active in her community for autism
Does pro bono for parents in school IEP meetings
One of 300 certified Florida parent coordinators

Ever since becoming a member of the Florida Bar over 20 years ago, Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer Kelley A. Joseph has been concentrating on all areas of divorce, paternity support, parenting programs, child time-sharing, asset distribution, and home violence.

Experienced Litigation Lawyer

If you’re like a large number of other individuals dealing with a divorce, your legitimate needs is probably not as challenging as they seem: You will need a lawyer who’ll protect your welfare, who will take you through the procedure as effectively and effortlessly as possible, and who’ll be available for you through the entire procedure.

The Law Offices of Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer Kelley A. Joseph, we shall show you through the procedure of submitting with regard to divorce and explaining the problems so you comprehend the procedure every step of the way. Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer Kelley A. Joseph will protect your assets fiercely, and we remind ourselves your satisfaction is our primary goal, so we’ll perform all the things possible to truly complete the procedure as effectively and peacefully as we possibly can.

Finding Your Way · Facilitating Resolution

Having multiple complicated problems and the possibly unstable feelings involved, it is simple to comprehend why so many divorce proceedings lead to protracted litigation. Nevertheless, divorce legal action could have a horribly unfavorable impact with your children. This also gets the inclination to eliminate the working associations that you’ll need to keep up with your partner.

A person will have most of their life to implement their parenting agenda, time sharing, child support and spousal support agreements with your soon to be ex-spouse. Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer Kelley A. Joseph understands that the firmness of the divorce can determine the over-all-tone with your relationships for the next ten years to come.

Full Service Law Firm

Many attorneys only undertake the simplest legalities for his or her clients or take uncontested cases of divorce. As soon as the divorce issues are more difficult, they hand-off their clients to some other lawyer whenever a complex matter occurs.

The Law Offices of Kelley A. Joseph, Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer Kelley A. Joseph will continue your divorce to the very end. Our office has good connections and knowledge functioning with an variety of experts, including financial specialists, emotional specialists and employment course of action so that people can gather the correct information to control even the most challenging family divorce case.

At the law Offices of Kelley A. Joseph, Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer Kelley A. Joseph know that you will be stressed in having important problems resolved as fast as possible. It’s important you don’t take on any activities that will harm your case. Attorney Kelley A. Joseph will sit with you during your preparing phases of the divorce and help you create a working plan and schedule.

Coordinated Efforts to Strengthen Your Case

The time period between when the divorce is filed to when it is finalized may necessitate parties to attain short-term agreements or apply for injunctive relief with the court. Conditions that may be resolved during this time period include:

Residing in or departing the home
How to proceed with a home that is within foreclosure
How to proceed with marital property and deciding who will pay for household expenses
Short-term time sharing and infant custody
Short term alimony and child support
Removing the children from state

Whenever there are problems or accusations of domestic violence, a restraining order could or might not be a strategy in your case, but often these issues demand prompt legal action.

To schedule an appointment with Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer Kelley A. Joseph for more information about how exactly our office can help protect your passions in a high-asset divorce, contact our Plantation family lawyer or call our office.

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