Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer Nolan Klein

Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer Nolan Klein

Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer Nolan Klein

Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer Nolan Klein is a litigation attorney with an active practice in New York and Florida. Mr. Klein has won settlements and verdicts for his clients totaling tens of millions of dollars. Mr. Klein is regularly called upon by national news media, including CNN and Fox News, to provide legal commentary and analysis, and has been named a Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine (an honor awarded to less than 5% of U.S. attorneys). Mr. Klein has served as editor of a legal publication, as an advisor on American law to the Supreme Court of Israel, as Law Clerk to the President of the American Trial Lawyers Association, and has had his writing published nationally. Fort Lauderdale PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY Nolan Klein has represented clients in arbitration, mediation, appeals, and in hundreds of lawsuits in state and federal court.

Mr. Klein obtained his undergraduate (B.A.) degree in Political Science from the University of Florida, and his Juris Doctor (legislation) level from the University or college of Miami. At the College or university of Florida, he was an opinion columnist with the Independent Florida Alligator, and at the School of Miami, Nolan was editor-in-chief of the Res Ipsa Loquitur regulation school journal, and was the University of Miamia representative to the National Conference of College Newspapers. Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer Nolan Klein is proud to represent clients with empathy, and with understanding of the difficulties involved in legal disputes, and he works very hard to guide client to successful outcomes.

Unpredictable accidents can interrupt your daily lifestyle. With no warning, you may discover yourself disabled to various extent, requiring short or long-term medical care, and struggling to work, look after your loved ones, or undertake activities of everyday living. You might require hospital care, physiological treatment, physical therapy, or perhaps some other kinds of health care. Missing work, medical copayments as well as other expenditures can truly apply towards adversity. Outside of this, pain, struggling, and psychological stress triggered from your accidental injuries may enhance the ordeal.

Sometimes like everyone else, we will require expert advice and help from a talented personal injury lawyer. The lawyer could examine and assess your position, help you on the correct plan of action, and look after all the legitimate measures that must definitely be initiated in your stead. Attorney Nolan Klein has collected hundreds of thousands in settlements and judgments for clientele and he’ll undertake every essential move – such as litigating and negotiating when appropriate – to guarantee a good outcome available for you.

To find out more about numerous kinds of personal damage cases that people handle, and about how exactly we can help you, please select one of this issue areas below.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Car Accidents

Speaking in general, car accidents are perhaps the most typical cause of an injury claims. Incidents triggered by the carelessness or wrongdoing of a bad motorists can result in severe and even deadly effects for someone. Carelessness by motorists can appear in various ways, from dui to speeding recklessly, sending text messages, or just not observing traffic laws and regulations. Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney Nolan Klein happily and vigorously defend victims of irresponsible driving.

Trip and Fall

Trip and Fall incidents describe a major accident that occurs on someone else’s property like a super-market, and that was caused by carelessness, or by insufficient safety precautions by the house owner or supervisor. Every home owner or store manager has a responsibility to safeguard site visitors from known risks, and to give a fairly protected climate. Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney Nolan Klein happily represent individuals hurt in slide and fall mishaps.

Consumer Product

Consumer Products identifies the responsibility of these who produce, sell, or market consumer products, to be sure their products aren’t hazardous or defective. Companies come with a responsibility to produce safe products for us, which operate as meant. Countless products can be purchased by the general public every day, sometimes without any sort of screening or security settings. If these products should cause damage, their manufacturers need to be accountable.

Retirement Homes

When family members are positioned into a medical home facility, we entrust that our loved ones receive proper and compassionate care. Unfortunately, overlook and misuse are extremely common. Neglect and mistreatment are staples of organizations that hire impatient, untrained personal, or even cruel medical home personnel. In the event that you believe your beloved family member could be mistreated at the retirement home, Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney Nolan Klein is here to handle the situation.

Truck Accidents

The worst types of street incidents involves tankers, semis, eighteen wheelers, or tractor trailers. Mishaps from these motor vehicles always seem to involve higher threat of damage or loss of life. Such mishaps could have serious consequences with frequently fatal outcomes for motorists and travellers in vehicles and smaller vehicles. Because vehicles tend to be managed by companies, and their motorists are company employees, these businesses are accountable for their trucking incidents.

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney

Our Fort Lauderdale Law firm deals with many types of personal damage instances. The practice areas mentioned above aren’t exhaustive. In the event that you or someone you care about has been wounded by the carelessness from another individual, please e mail us to arrange a totally free of charge discussion about your case. We will assess your position cost-free, and offer our opinion relating to your best plan of action. If Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney Nolan Klein gets the privilege of representing your case, no legal fees will be billed, unless or until we settle your case

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